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MEDIATION - Frequently Asked Questions
I. Mediation-What Is It? IV. Matters Appropriate for Mediation
II. Benefits of Mediation V. If Mediation Doesn't Work
III. What Mediation is Not VI. How to Prepare for Mediation
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What if Mediation Doesn’t Work?

Fortunately, because mediation enjoys a very high success rate, this is not a common outcome. But usually mediation fails when one of the participants is unreasonable and others reach a point where they feel they are left no choice but to go to court.


How to Prepare for Mediation

For many matters it is usually a good idea to talk to your mediation attorney about assisting you. A mediation attorney can be helpful in finding a mediator. Often it is important to find not only an experienced mediator but one who has had experience in your type of matter.

You may decide it would be best to have your mediation attorney present to assist you in the mediation. Since agreements reached usually have legal consequences, your mediation attorney can help you make sure you understand the consequences of what you are agreeing to.

Usually it is a good idea to inform the mediator before the proceeding what the dispute is about from your point of view, the particular points are issues of dispute that need to be resolved, and the solution you are seeking. Mediators will usually agree to receive such information on a confidential basis and will not disclose it to others without your consent.

Important documents that support your position should be provided to the mediator. The chances of mediation being successful are increased when participants, with an attitude, that for purposes of the mediation proceeding “let’s work together to find a mutually satisfactory solution”. It is helpful if the participants are willing to listen to the views of other participants and try to imagine yourself in their place.


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