Workers' Compensation FAQ's

Question: What Are My Rehabilitation Rights?

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Answer: The word “rehabilitation” has two different meanings.  Rehabilitation can mean physical therapy to help overcome an injury and regain functionality.  In addition, rehabilitation can mean vocational rehabilitation or job training.  Employees who can no longer do the same type of work as they did before their injury may be entitled to vocational rehabilitation as part of their workers’ compensation benefits.

The amount and type of vocational rehabilitation that is available to injured employees varies from state to state.  Some of the services an injured employee may be eligible to receive include:

  • On-the-job training
  • Education and tuition payments for retraining
  • Skills analysis and training
  • Resume and job application services
  • Labor market surveys
  • Assistance with searching for a new job
  • Vocational rehabilitation counseling

The vocational rehabilitation benefits that an employee will be eligible for vary depending on the employee’s situation and the laws of their state.

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