Iowa Workers' Compensation

Iowa has an administrative agency known as the Iowa Workers’ Compensation Commission that handles injured workers’ claims. A jury trial is not available for a worker’s compensation claim. An Arbitration Petition must be filed with the Commission in order preserve some benefits, specifically temporary disability/healing period benefits and permanent disability benefits.

There is a 90-day window in which an injured worker must inform the employer that the worker has been injured AND the injury is related to work. The employer can have actual notice of the injury, written notice of the injury and/or verbal notice of the injury.

There are also time limits for filing a worker’s compensation case so a person who suffers a work-related injury must take timely action. If no weekly disability benefits have been paid to the injured worker, the injured worker has 2 years from the date of injury to file a workers' compensation claim. If weekly disability benefits have been paid, then the injured worker has 3 years from the date of last payment to file a claim. Note that payment of medical benefits DO NOT count as weekly benefits.

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