Employer Obligations

The type of employees who are eligible for benefits under the workers’ compensation system varies from state to state.  In some states, state and municipal government employees are covered under the workers’ compensation system and in some states, these employees are not covered.
If you are a state or municipal government employee, you should consult a lawyer.  An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer will be able to tell you if your state’s workers’ compensation statutes apply to you.

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Federal Government Employees

Generally, state workers’ compensation laws do not apply to federal government employees.  Federal government employees have their own system that will compensate employees who are injured at work or on the job.
The Federal Employee’s Compensation Act, or FECA, governs the workers’ compensation benefits that federal government employees can receive.  Under this act, a federal government employee is eligible for benefits when that employee is disabled or killed as a result of an injury that is “sustained while in the performance of duty.”  

Whether your workers’ compensation benefits fall under FECA or another federal law depends on the type of work you do and your particular situation.  You should contact an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer who can help you obtain the maximum benefits under the laws that govern your employer.

The laws governing the workers’ compensation system, including which employees are covered, employers’ responsibilities, benefits and third parties vary from state to state.  If you are either an employer or an employee injured at work, the best way to protect your interests is to contact an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer familiar with the laws of your state.

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